FBI Email System Hacked And Used To Send Cyberattack Alerts

It is usually not difficult to detect fake emails. Sometimes, attackers don’t bother to try to hack their email addresses, but some of them are smart enough to try. include keywords in the address to sound right, but if you’ve been on the internet for a long time, it’s easy to spot.

However, what happens when you receive an email that not only sounds legit, but is also sent from a legitimate email address used by law enforcement agencies such as the FBI? So what do you do? That’s what happened recently when the FBI’s email system was adapted and used to send thousands of emails to users warning them of a cyberattack.

This was first obtained by the Poloketi Spamhaus and reported by Bleeping Computer. According to the email, users were warned of a “special attack” by Vinny Troia, the head of security research at companies on the dark networks NightLion and Shadowbyte. However, apart from the warning, no action is required on the part of the user, other than asking them to check their systems and monitor IDS.

It is estimated that these fake emails could reach 100,000 mailboxes, if not more. The FBI confirmed they were aware of the situation in a statement to Bleeping Computer, in which they said, “The FBI and CISA are aware of what happened this morning involving fake emails from an email account. This is an ongoing situation and we are unable to provide additional information on now.

Troy himself has also come forward to the scene and tweeted, he identified who could be behind this attack and suggested that this was not the first time the man had tried to tarnish the name of the investigator.

Log in broad. Read more about Hack ma Security. Source: bleeping computer

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