It won’t be long before Instagram can let you choose how to view your Timeline

If you use Instagram, there’s a good chance you’ll follow different information. It can range from the stories of your friends and family members, to ethnicity, celebrities, and more. This means that your schedule can be flexible, which is not a bad thing, but for some it can be confusing.

According to a tweet by Alessandro Paluzzi, Instagram seems to be modeling a way for users to change the way they view their time. Based on shared information, Instagram seems to be working on diligence to allow people to choose what to see in their time. Currently the options are “Home”, “Last”, and “Happy”.

Maybe “Family” will be a common sequence based on the algorithm that we already know and are familiar with, and “Happy” will only be where you see posts from specific data, but we’re not sure what “Last” is. Maybe that’s where you see ads of people who follow you and are following you.

While Instagram’s timeline algorithm is much clearer and more intelligent to show you what you think you might like, it was recently posted U.S. lawmakers issue a bill to allow users. these algorithms are dead. In China, the government is ready too create a set of rules about these algorithms as well to make them more resilient.

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