Jeff Bezos’ future vision includes people born in space visiting Earth

Discussing U.S. space policy at a forum in Washington, DC, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos said that for centuries people will be born in space and call it their home.

Through its space company Blue Origin Bezos offers people a short trip to space, but also has plans to create orbital business parks in the future. Bezos’ commentary raises the idea several degrees higher, where people live completely outside the planet. Bezos made these comments in the presence of NASA Administrator Bill Nelson, and the director of National Intelligence, Avril Haynes at the Ignatius Forum in 2021, while men discussed US space policy. You can see the whole discussion below.

This is not the first time Bezos has outlined his plans for space. Business Insider reports that Bezos’ obsession with space colonies is returning to his high school daysand how he views space colonies in response to Earth’s existential threats due to growing pollution and population.

As Bezos noted at the forum, the colonies will mimic the weather and gravity of the Earth and will even feature rivers, forests and wildlife. These would be giant rotating cylinders in space that would have the capacity to hold a million people on them. People will be born on them and live their lives on them, and the Earth can be preserved as a national park, with people visiting it from time to time.

Bezos had quoted a similar vision in 2019 and Elon Musk rejected it.

Musk’s SpaceX, which has similar intentions, believes that terrorism – the deliberate alteration of the atmosphere, surface, ecology and temperature of a planet or other celestial body to mimic terrestrial conditions, is a more appropriate approach. NASA has also ruled out this approach, This was announced by Business Insider.

At the forum, Bezos noted that the terraforming will be very “dramatic” and “challenging”. Even if someone succeeds, we would double the Earth and increase from 10 billion to 20 billion people. His “space colonies” were a better option than trying to restart life on another planet.

We don’t know how many people can fit Bezos’ space colonies and how he plans to build them in the first place.

For now, everyone’s eyes are focused return to the moon which lags behind its schedule.

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