Microsoft and Gucci are working together for an Xbox Series XE that no one has asked for

Sometimes when sports companies team up and work with athletes for specific sports information, it is appropriate. For example, an eSports team working with a peripheral brand to make peripherals and their labels on it, or four get together with fans to broadcast a special show of comfort for an upcoming game.

However, it is sometimes a bit strange and unnecessary, as happened when Microsoft recently teamed up with Gucci’s high -profile brand for the Gucci Xbox Series X console. It’s equally warm but the outer shell is now embellished with signature Gucci double-G patterns, as well as two Xbox controllers and Gucci colors.

It also comes with the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, as well as a Gucci and Xbox backpack to take your comfort inside. It only makes 100 units of this and not surprisingly, it is not cheap at $ 10,000 a piece. . While it’s a bit pretentious, we think there might be some who think it’ll be useful just for collection.

It will be available for purchase on November 17th via the Gucci website and choose Gucci stores.

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