No Voice Talk for Stadium 2042 at the launch

EA’s latest story, Battlefield 2042, is expected to launch on 19th November. However, it seems inconceivable with all its features. According to DICE that made the game, they told Polygon that the game will not have voice chat at the start of the game.

Given the importance of voice chat for games like this, it seems strange that DICE is not included in the promotion. The company did not give a reason not to show the show with the game, but they said the show will come to the game sometime after the game, but did not say whether when exactly to get it.

With these types of online games, having voice conversations is very important if you are trying to play with your basics. This helps the players to organize, share information with each other, create guidelines, etc., the lack of visibility can be frustrating. complicating the game.

As Polygon noted, it will be more likely to affect players playing the Hazard Zone mode of the most challenging game. This means that there are other ways to use voice chat in games like Discord, but unless you are playing with friends, it may be difficult to try to coordinate and strangers.

Log in Games. Read more about Mala tau ma O IA. Source: polygon

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