13 Best Gift Subscription Boxes (2021): Services We Love

Is there anyone? In your list you have lost hope of buying it? Don’t throw your hands in the air now — think a subscription box.

Subscription boxes make great gifts for everyone, but especially for those who aren’t easy to buy. There are boxes for just about every interest, and a talented person will try a bunch of stuff that might be too expensive for you to assemble yourself. You can buy them for a month, but we think three months is the perfect gift because they’ll get dizzy and warm over and over again.

None of the options below require contracts, so you can cancel at any time (just check the fine print for the number of days before billing you need to notify them). If you purchase a multi-month subscription, you can cancel the auto-renewal but you won’t get a refund for boxes that haven’t shipped yet. We’ve noticed when boxes have separate gift options, which usually cost a bit more but you don’t have to worry about cancellation.

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