Disney Introduces Apple Arcade -Only Battle Royale Game

One of the benefits that Disney has is that they’ve built a huge franchise over the years, which means they have a lot of stories and stories to pull off without the need to create from diabetes.

We can see the action in the company’s latest mobile game, Disney Melee Mania, which was announced exclusively for Apple Arcade. This is a brawler, a game where players can choose from a variety of Disney characters on different franchises and put them out on a field.

According to the statement, “In five minutes of play full of battle on the field, players need to score as many points as possible – or beat the odds. opponents as often as they can – for a chance to win. They will take part in multi-player battles to test each player’s unique skills in close-knit competition, with a variety of ways and challenges to test their skills, and also receive in-game rewards from events.

The gameplay is similar to other premium games, one of which is already available at Apple Arcade in the form of Butter Royale. If the style is the same, it’s because Disney Melee Mania is being developed by the same company, Bear Games. The game is expected to open in December and will require an Apple Arcade version to play.

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