Holiday mocktail recipe that will suit any meeting or mood

Now, thankfully, the choice of non-alcoholic beverages takes more than a glass of soda with a lemon or lemon in season. In recent years it has led to a change in consumer tastes hard seltzer, hard kombucha, and yes, as well as hard water, at the forefront, there has been a change at the same time towards the rise of brands that make zero, non-alcoholic cocktails and sweet, refreshing and beautifully packaged blends. As a result of the fatigue of happy hours of drinking Zoom, or perhaps an increase in mere curiosity among us (or some other reason we might refuse a drink), we want more now. -fashionable mocktail. To provide you with enough opportunities to last the entire holiday season, we’ve put together a list of the best holiday mocktail recipes to share, fruity, salty, and with family and friends. Give Hallmark the atmosphere of a Christmas movie. Forget the hangover.

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Butts up! Go check out our 14 favorite holiday mocktail recipes.

Orange Cranberry Mimosa by Holiday Mocktail Rhubarbarians

Why we love: This mocktail was inspired by the expression “go big or go home”. Jokes, of course, but the festive looks and crispy twigs of cinnamon sticks and fragrant rosemary prove that you can successfully move away from a minimalist perspective. Oh, and the combination of sparkling apple and cranberry cider fully expresses the holiday flavor. Sugared edge, not optional.

Hero component: A little cinnamon is all you need to add a comfortable warmth to your mime.

Get the recipe here.

Minty Pomegranate Punch

Why we love: Pomegranates are an elusive and elusive ingredient that we try to use as much as we can between now and the end of December, and this recipe does justice to the ruby ​​red fruit. When pomegranate seeds are mixed with blueberries and mint leaves, it balances their flavor, giving them enough sweetness to make this flavor the best taste of a non-booty mojito you’ve ever had.

Hero component: The bunch of fresh mint leaves provides a lasting freshness to compensate for the fruity flavor of this colorful drink.

Get the recipe here.

Holiday Kombucha Mocktail Cook At Home Mom

Why we love: We are obsessed with the spectacular color story of this drink. It brings together our favorite nuances and flavors we expect from the holiday, and it also includes a bright orange color in addition to the clementine. Polite to drink? Take a picture, add it to your Insta story and take a sip.

Hero component: ICYMI, kombucha is not just for hanging in the height of the summer pool. You can use any flavor in this recipe and it will satisfy the desire for a bubbly result. Those full of probiotics good for your guts, the basis of this drink kombucha even as you climb up to grab a second glass you will feel virtuous.

Get the recipe here.

Candy Cane Christmas mocktails from this life

Why we love: We couldn’t call this a definitive list of holiday mocktail recipes without including our favorite Christmas flavors. When the mood calls for a drink that’s fresh and creamy (and they tell you that the egg limit is rum), here’s what you need. Pretty, mint and just as delicious as any Christmas cookie you can find, this drink represents a fun holiday.

Hero component: The crushed candy canes on the edge add enough texture and festive flavor.

Get the recipe here.

Pomegranate mocktails from The Mindful Mocktail

Why we love: If you’ve ever thought that mocktails are a secondary substitute for a “real offer,” this recipe will change the tone for you. Healthy, easy to prepare and suitable for the crowd, this recipe checks all our boxes for when we’re looking for the perfect Christmas mocktail for our next holiday party. You can make the drink in individual glasses for a small meeting with friends or mix a whole pitcher if you have a few more plans for your guests. Either way, everyone will wonder how you did it.

Hero component: Pomegranate juice gives this drink a distinctive color and flavor. Be sure to taste before adding the optional sweetener; this can be very sugary, very fast.

Get the recipe here.

Minty Green Kombucha Smash Mocktaila

Why we love: Kombucha is in that again. If you are looking for a drink that is not only non-alcoholic, it has important health benefits, this is the mocktail to make. The basis of this recipe is a little sweet green juice (meal makers are delighted!) That you can make in large batches. Also, you don’t need a juice generator to do this; simply take out your Vitamix, mix the ingredients and push the mixture through a fine sieve or cheese. Remind them that you don’t have to wait until January to start working on habits that help you feel the best.

Hero component: Spinach is the healthy base of many green juices, and although you can’t taste it here, thanks to the addition of many other delicious ingredients, spinach is responsible for the beautiful and beautiful green color of this juice. fiber and antioxidants packs.

Get the recipe here.

Homemade egg-free non-alcoholic egg

Why we love: Holidays and egg-laying go hand in hand. Some hate it, others like it, and it wouldn’t be a stretch for most of us to say love hura. We encourage you to discard any jugs and cardboard purchased at the store, and instead opt for a thick, soothing glass of this rum-free interpretation. Really: This recipe was made for a comfortable sip by the fire.

Hero component: Although a tablespoon of vanilla looks like a lot of vanilla, you won’t regret filling it with its aromatic and complex sweetness.

Get the recipe here.

Pamela Salzman’s Ginger-Lime Spritzer

Why we love: Looking for a week-night drink to mark the transition from work to dinner? Make this your choice. Casual, but high-end, this spritzer is the perfect sip of Tuesday night with your favorite book, warm socks and a little Christmas music in the background. However, you can’t deny the festivities of the taste of the beach and the spicy kick – we wouldn’t rule out a glass at a holiday party.

Hero component: The freshly made ginger juice is the key to packaging this little recipe for something small.

Get the recipe here.

Maris Moore’s Bright Blood Orange Mocktail

Why we love: We will be home for Christmas if this mocktail is served. The monochromatic color palette of the snowy outdoor landscape may wish us something vivid and bright, but whatever the inspiration, this citrus drink offers what we’re looking for. Oranges are beautiful, but blood oranges bring a unique blend of red and coral colors to this drink. Suck the essence of summer in the middle of winter? We are not against that.

Hero component: While other ingredients are very necessary to make this drink the perfect thing to serve for a girls night out, they remain pale compared to the blood-orange juice that makes this mocktail a showcase.

Get the recipe here.

Cranberry Apple Spritzer

Why we love: If the flute of a bubble in your hand is a way to find out that the holidays are here, then you should try this delicious champagne cocktail substitute. Pre-preparation of Cranberry Apple Syrup requires only a few minutes to prepare this recipe. Nice and pink, you might be planning our holiday outfits around the prospect of serving this drink.

Hero component: Cranberry Apple Syrop brings this minimalist mocktail recipe to the forefront. Although technically a recipe in itself, the pair of ingredients needed to prepare the syrup (and being able to prepare it in advance) forgives the technicality.

Get the recipe here.

Peppermint White Russian Mocktail Art From My Table

Why we love: Even though it’s a little under the radar than any other drink you’d expect to see and drink during the holidays, White Russians are able to make your season fun and bright. Put on vodka and forget about Kahlua: This recipe is like your favorite cup of creamy and frozen coffee.

Hero component: Mint extract is an important addition to this white Russian mocktail that takes you to the new holiday season.

Get the recipe here.

Wholesomelicious Apple Cider Sangria

Why we love: Sangria has the misfortune of naming a drink of choice at many college parties, though it is sometimes well deserved. This liqueur-free, adult version adds a great deal of sophistication to seasonal fruit slices with a mix of pomegranate-light and cinnamon sticks. The result is an amazing sangria, when served with sparkling water, enough celebration for any party you’re celebrating.

Hero component: A sweet pour of apple cider reinforces the sweet, crunchy flavor of this drink.

Get the recipe here.

Cook With Manali’s orange rosemary mocktail

Why we love: Otherwise called Spicy Sunset, this mocktail is an inspiring mix of everything you could want in a glass. Spicy, sweet and sure to brighten up your next encounter, it retains nothing in terms of flavor. Chaat masala, kala nama and a mix of Kashmir red chili powder will all ask you for the recipe. You can decide whether you want to share or not.

Hero component: Although the combination of flavors is perhaps unexpected, the rosemary blends beautifully with the orange juice, giving the sweet acidity of the citrus juice its own lemon and pine flavor.

Get the recipe here.

Finding Zest Cranberry Pineapple Mocktail

Why we love: Create a new year with this fun and enjoyable mocktail for kids. Older children and teenagers will feel the party toast with this blend of seasonal juices and citrus flavors. You can also take part in the preparation! It has only four ingredients, all of which can be the evening bartender.

Hero component: Pineapple juice offers an easy-to-love flavor that makes this sophisticated and refined mocktail enjoyable for both adults and youngsters.

Get the recipe here.

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