Honda’s new autonomous vehicle has started on a solar construction site

Autonomous vehicles have come a long way since their debut in the 1980s. Being represented in a number of industries in different positions, they have become quite common in our daily lives nowadays.

Back in CES 2018, the Japanese car giant Honda had introduced a variety of autonomous work vehicle (AWV) concepts and is now ready to make one of them a reality. In partnership with the construction company Black & Veatch, Honda successfully tested the prototype fully electric AWV on a construction site for solar energy in New Mexico, USA. The company said that 1000 acres of workThe site is an ideal environment for testing AVW’s maneuverability and routing capabilities, as it has the ability to go off-road.

Numerous vehicles were tested on the job site, on which Honda created a high-resolution map so that operators could determine the starting and ending points. While vehicles can operate autonomously, they can also be controlled remotely if something goes wrong.

The company says the 1,590-pound (721 kg) AWV can carry payloads of up to 880 pounds (399 kg) with a range of 27.9 miles (45 km). The autonomous vehicle can run for eight hours on a single charge. What’s more, AWV uses GPS, radar, LiDAR and 3D cameras for remote monitoring and easy navigation.

During its field tests in the large-scale project of Black & Veatch to build solar energy, the second generation AWV successfully proved its worth. After completion of the tasks for towing and transportation of construction materials, water and other consumables to and from the work site, Honda said that AWV will be able to provide a wide range of services to a variety of industries that need a robust autonomous off-road solution, especially when labor constraints and safety concerns make other solutions impractical “and added that” the ability to operate autonomously – or by remote control – and carrying large payloads, along with the potential to add attachments and tools, makes the Honda AWV a suitable platform for many work environments.

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