How to make a bunch of eucalyptus shower for a fragrant daily cleansing

For those of us who are scared of mornings, this eucalyptus jump will fill the shower with scent and can be the lift we need. Use flowers or leaves, if you find them, as they give the slightest floral touch and a bit of color. There are three types of eucalyptus: Small-leaved parvifolia, red chewing gum, and real blue. The inclusion of some such varieties adds visual interest with different textures, colors and scents. A swag like this should last a couple of weeks in the shower. Some eucalyptus stalks hanging from the shower can be a wonderful surprise and a great way to start the day. Read on to learn how to make a eucalyptus shower set for yourself.

You will need:

– 1 dozen eucalyptus stems, in various varieties, some with flowers if possible

– Floral thread for tying and hanging

How to make a eucalyptus shower set:

1. Buy eucalyptus at a flower fair. Before arranging, remove the leaves from the bottom of the stems.

2. Start by placing long stems on the ground for easy composition and to see the whole design. Layer medium-length stems on top of them and finally add flowers and shorter stems. To finish, add a few random stems here and there, alternating eucalyptus varieties so that they don’t get perfectly layered.

3. Tie the bundle with a thread and hang it from the shower.

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