Instagram is borrowing another TikTok Feature

If you’ve watched TikTok movies, you’ve probably noticed that some of them are described in a robotic audio. It’s fun in its own way, and it looks like Instagram will borrow that feature with their own text-to-speech tools that allow Reels makers to create videos and get a robotic sound that describe their videos.

Accordingly on Instagram, “Creator Reels Listen! We know that using sounds and sounds is one of the most fun things of creating a 🔥 Reel! Today we are launching new audio tools called Voice Effects and Text to Speech.

Using the display is very simple, all users need to do is the Instagram display, go to their Reels, click the text through the mailbox, then select the option to convert in speaking and done. It’s no surprise that Instagram is promoting this segment. The company force to pursue TikTok and Reels.

The company also previously stated that their algorithms will no longer stream videos it may have a TikTok watermark. Given that some creators make TikTok videos and then post the same video to Instagram, we think Instagram wanted creators to use Reels to prove its capabilities rather than just another re improvement.

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