Netflix For iOS Later Allows users to subscribe through the App

If you watch Netflix on your iPhone or iPad, you need a subscription. However, unlike other subscription programs, Netflix asks users to visit their website to manage their data, which means users must sign up and register on the Netflix website.

That’s because Netflix didn’t want to pay the 30% cut to go to Apple for inbound purchases, or at least until now. According to reports, it appears that Netflix has now allowed iOS users to subscribe through its app. From what we can tell, the price remains the same as you subscribe directly to Netflix.

This means users can pay $ 8.99 per month for the Basic Plan, $ 13.99 for the standard, and $ 17.99 for the Premium. Interestingly, last week, Netflix launched their games on the App Store which allows users to subscribe through those programs, but now the subscription seems to be available through the main Netflix channel as well.

Many developers have questioned Apple’s 30% cut and said it’s too much to pay, and some think they have no choice. Recently the judge presiding over the Apple VS Epic case said Apple needs it allow external payment options on the App Store in December.

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