New handset helps turn thoughts into words into “Assisted Reality”

Can you imagine how much the world would miss if Stephen Hawking didn’t have the computer to help him communicate? The sad reality, however, is that there are millions of brilliant minds who are unable to convey their thoughts and ideas that need such a device. California-based neural interface launch company Cognixion aims to change that with its universally available augmented reality headphones.

Increasing Alternative Communication (AAC) is currently the best method when it comes to resolving communication difficulties faced by individuals who are physically or neurologically challenged. With the development of technology, AAC has moved from special devices to applications that can run on smartphones and even use “eye tracking” technology. Cognixion wants to take a step forward and develop neural interface who can understand what a person thinks and not only unlock speech but also help them control their environment.

The startup has already developed a product called Cognixion One, which consists of augmented reality headphones combined with a non-invasive brain-computer interface. The headphones stimulate the visual cortex, the area that receives and analyzes visual signals in the brain, while the wireless interface reads the neural activity, interprets it, and sends it back to the headset for further action.

In addition to the device, the startup also builds machine learning algorithms and uses artificial intelligence (AI) to develop a language system that can adapt to each user’s unique communication style so that the system is more efficient at recognizing what the user intends to say or do. To do so, the company has secured $ 12 million in funding from a number of investors, a press release said.

One of the features that the launch will work on is to allow headset users to interact with Amazon’s Alexa without saying a word. This ability will allow users to control smart devices and control factors such as lighting and temperature in their environment, while gaining access to music, news and other information, as most people do in their daily lives.

“In the near future, we see that our innovations are becoming fundamental part of the metaverse, as a biological interface plus highly adaptive algorithms that unlock new uses for the XR, ”said Andreas Forsland, founder and CEO of Cognixion in a press release.

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