Scientists have found a way to help lame mice walk again

Sometimes because of a visual injury, some people stop walking, or in fact where we live now. make exoskeleton suits that will help the lame to walk, but they are expensive and bulky.

But what if there was a way for medical research that could help the lame to walk again without the need for external tools? That’s what researchers Samuel Stupp from Northwestern University in Chicago and his colleagues did, where they created something made from pieces of protein that can be attached to long chains.

This, when injected into the vision of paralyzed rats, helped to form a gel at the site of injury. The researchers found that this gel helped regenerate the broken ends of nerves and reduced scarring, which is one of the walls of regeneration. It also helps to improve the growth of blood vessels and provides more nutrients to the eye cells.

Eventually, it caused the rats to walk again four weeks after the vaccination. Therefore, unlike these mice it came back to life and came back to life after four weeks. The test was used to measure walking ability in terms of ankle movement, body stability, footwork, steps, step width, and length. the steps.

We expect that more tests and trials will need to be done before we can see similar treatments being used in humans, but for now they seem to be successful.

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