S’More uses one of the world’s first dating applications to use AWS Rekognition to verify 100% of users and create a more secure dating environment

S’Gehiago, du anti-skin dating application Adam Cohen-Aslatei, a former director of Magic Labs, created it and announced that Amazon Web Services (AWS) is using advanced cloud services to build one of the safest and most secure dating apps on the market. S’More Amazon Recognition is one of the first U.S. dating applications to use an in-depth image and video analysis service to protect daters from fake profiles and remove banned content. This may be the perfect time because dating apps increase fraud and cat fishing during the holiday season.

Authenticity is a top priority for dating in 2021, with 71% of S’More users saying in a recent survey that they intend to make their photos, messages, etc. more authentic. Amazon Rekognition is helping to create this more authentic dating environment by allowing S’More to find fake profiles and “catfishers” 50% faster and increase the chances of removing untrue profiles before interacting with verified users. In addition, S’More may remove users who violate the app’s photo policy by banning content in their profile photos, depictions of hate speech, racist images, fake or licensed photos, images of illegal activities, pornography, vicious language, and more. .

S’More verified this in advance when registering each user. Amazon Rekognition will allow S’More to automatically re-verify a profile picture each time it changes through facial recognition, and may also verify banned content using the ability to moderate the content of the service. With technology, S’More will be able to block accounts of well-known cat fishermen or bad actors if they try to return them.

S’More has more than 300,000 users in just 18 months. Its interface hides the user profile image to reveal it slowly after a continuous back-and-forth conversation between the two sides. Single people can hear a person’s voice, listen to their favorite music, and connect through the content before their image appears, allowing more people to make love. S’More also offers services like vague video dating to help users get to know a person before they jump into the meeting. According to the S’More dating survey, 64% of women said they would go on at least three virtual dates before meeting someone in real life. Dating is more stringent after COVID, and the technology is strengthening S’More’s special security measures and anti-skin focus.

In the future, Amazon Recognition may also help S’More users understand what facial expressions and profile photo types cause more participation, conversations, and other data, helping them create stronger profiles, which can help speed up the association process. the right person.

In addition to Amazon Recognition, S’More uses a wide range of AWS cloud services Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), which allows the company to scale its computing resources along with the growth of its community.

S’More continues its mission to create the safest dating environment with a 100% verified user base, without bad actors that can hinder artificiality and meaningful connections. “Removing fake profiles is key to the S” More user experience, ”said Adam Cohen-Aslatei, founder and CEO of S’More. My hope is that all contact apps will provide a safer experience for the millions of unmarried people out there. That’s enough. We have the technology to do better as an industry, now we have to prioritize and take action! ”

“Built on top of AWS, S’More has the breadth of performance, security, and services it needs to create a more secure and engaging community for its user base,” said Eric Feagler, Amazon Web Services, Inc. “We hope to continue reinventing S’More’s online dating experience for years to come.”

It can be downloaded from S’More iTunes App Store, and can be found on Instagram @smoredate. Read more about Amazon Recognition here.


S’More implies a less superficial approach. S’More slowly reveals profile photos and other visual content the more you chat, allowing more people to give you love. It was time to judge a person immediately based on more than one selfie. S’More has rich multimedia and interactive profiles. Listen to a person’s voice and listen to their favorite music before they see their photos. S’More also encourages users to connect with users through content such as dating videos of celebrities. Meet others who like the same content, and then start a private chat instead of a transactional view of traditional dating apps. The app has a public behavior score to eliminate bad actors and encourage high-level behavior. This, and vague video dating, has made S’More a standout product. It’s similar to Netflix or Tant Lasso’s Bantr’s Love is Blind session.

S’More has also raised more than $ 3 million in funding (including investments from Zynga founder Mark Pincus) and was launched in early 2020 among growing dating applications in the US. On Instagram, he shot more than 80 episodes during COVID. Celebrities tell their craziest dating stories, play funny games, and give helpful tips. And top talents such as Olivia Culpo, Tom Bilyeu (founder of Quest Nutrition) and alumni of Bravo and Bachelor, such as the Real Housewives of Sutton Stracke in Beverly Hills and Raven Gates of The Bachelor appeared in the session. S’More has also signed a production agreement to produce streaming content about anti-skin dating.

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