Top 10 Christmas Trees on the Internet

I should say a preface saying this post (if you didn’t already know): I am Jewish. But I didn’t grow up with an a though Christmas tree With every light of my holiday season in the living room, I cut and decorated my part, and have been an admirable observer of fir trees ever since I can remember. It’s fun for me to imagine what kind of tree I would have in an alternative universe: real or fake, big or small, natural or bright, modern or heritage? These are big decisions, folks! And I admire you all for doing it year after year. If you have a tree standing in your house (or standing short on the table), I’d love to hear how you dress. But if you’re still looking for the perfect tree and you’re looking for a little guide to decorating it, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 10 of the best Christmas trees on the internet for your enjoyable browsing.

It’s no secret that the world looks at the team McGee Studio for their design experience. With inspiring products and projects that express all the comforts, Studio McGee has a modern but pleasing style in the lock. This tree feels tall while maintaining a high level of accessibility; nothing is excessive about the traditional Tannenbaum.

The exterior has found its way inside our home decorating inspo in recent years. A tree inspired by the forest of Camille is a perfect example of how trends can move into our holiday living rooms. The composition obtained is undeniable and offers a much-anticipated celebration, yet it provides a wonderful forest atmosphere.

This is proof that you can beautifully combine the joy of the holiday with a minimalist aesthetic. The key to creating this dynamic look is to use diverse but coordinated decorative and design elements. If you keep the color palette light, you won’t feel overwhelmed, and you can relax with the soothing glow of your tree.

Jenni Kayne’s natural and simple tree

The habit of going outside, cutting down a tree, and literally bringing open air to your home has a wonderful winter. This tree takes over Natural approach one step further by weaving in the pines (easy Christmas DIY) and wonderful decorative creatures of the forest for a simple but spectacular display. And don’t worry, you can still create this look if an artificial tree is your only option.

No matter what they say, it is proof that this tree maintains the strong madness of mid-century design. Nothing says nostalgia like getting into the holiday spirit, and while this catch is reminiscent of a particular time, it’s nice, charming, and hilarious. It’s the kind of tree that will put a smile on your face every time you walk into the living room.

Is there anything nicer to see than a white Christmas tree? This holiday season, maybe not. Recreate the look for yourself with a simple set of white and beige paper, clay and home decor, with simple, simple geometric shapes. Not only will it be a perfect low-maintenance solution for us, it will be quiet and relaxing to see the final product.

Here is the choice of all maximalists at heart. If you are not afraid to give a little color to the joy of Christmas, this is the tree that inspires you. The trick is to balance the thick shades by scattering the minimal decorations in the same shapes and sizes. Forget what you’ve heard about being less and be ready to cover the halls to your liking.

If you thought the only animals that could work on your Christmas tree were reindeer and pigeons, think again. A rainbow of butterflies mixed with floral ornaments and elements really gives life to this tree. Invented by everyone’s favorite uber-creative designers, Poza Cho, this alternative tour of the center of each holiday home will make you smile. While a particular color palette of flora and fauna can work in a natural and sustainable tree, pairing the neon decor with an almost bright white canvas will brighten up your decorations, and therefore your creative genius.

Backed, yet iconic, this tree exudes an elegant simplicity. Certainly there is a time and place to enjoy being dressed in beautiful Christmas trees (as you know, the kind that Mr. Claus would be proud of), but I am in favor of letting the natural beauty of the branches shine. A Charlie Brown tree can be made charming and even bright by deliberately arranging the lights of decorations and fairies that are bright enough. Try different shapes, styles and textures, but make sure you keep a consistent color scheme when you’re decorating.

This is the kind of tree I can imagine sitting in the corner of the most comfortable ski chalet or perhaps in a multi-storey boutique hotel at Christmas time. Reproduce the pleasing symmetry of the tree by hanging long drops of bright garlands. Add to this some strategically placed glass decorations, and you will have the most elegant tree.

This publication was published on December 6, 2018, and has been updated ever since.

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