10 modern Christmas tree ideas to cover your elegant halls

For those who prefer a simpler aesthetic, holiday decorating can be a challenge. How do you decorate the halls in a festive way without going from top to bottom? Can there be a lot of joy without everything red-green? The answer is yes, of course. The party is in the eyes of the viewer, but considering that most of the Christmas trees are dressed at nine, it can be difficult to find a more contemporary look. So in an effort to talk about modern aesthetics, we gathered the best modern ideas for decorating Christmas trees.

And since “modern” can be blurry, we set out in search of various special inspirations. From simple decorations and a completely contemporary view of the Christmas “tree” a a more natural view, inspired by the forest, we have covered your elegant halls.

Christmas tree

We love a sentimental decoration as much as the person next door, but holiday souvenirs and DIY art projects can always find a home elsewhere if you want to have complete control over the design of the Christmas tree from top to bottom. Your family will forgive you.

(Photo Homemade Oh my)

Scaled Tree

The ultimate in Christmas minimalism: a bare, sturdy tree with a high-contrast palette. There’s nothing like Charlie Brown.

(Photo Hello C Rye)

Scandinavian tree

The Scandinavian style is synonymous with elegant and modern minimalism, and the less it is the more beautiful the view returns on holiday. Finding a natural and warm way to make a natural tree is a Scandi-chic peak, and The Cheerful Thought came out brilliantly. With a large basket, a hairy blanket, and a few bright lights, it looks simple but very effective.

(Photo Cheerful Thinking)

Christmas “tree”

Maybe pine needles aren’t your thing. Maybe you have a cat that confuses the whole state of the inner tree, or you just don’t want to invest in greenery, real or fake. Consider this contemporary option: a wooden or copper Christmas tree. It is an evergreen in its own way.

(Photo is a photo of the user Etsy)

Naturalistic Christmas tree

In the first year, like so many, Camille dressed her Austin home a little earlier than normal. And yet everything came out, a natural atmosphere and a neutral color palette made things feel organic.

Modern tree of the middle of the century

We love a redemptive arc. Bright beauties fascinated America in the 1950s and 60s as a vicious symbol of holiday commercialization. Charlie Brown by the hand of the Christmas special. Now, fashion novelty is undergoing a recovery driven by fans of modern design. When done right, bright trees are something special.

(Photo Atomic ranch)

Abstract Tree

Okay, this is art. This is the distilled essence of a Tannenbaum. This, too, honestly seems like a difficult project For Curbly, but with a little patience and plenty of fishing lines, it would be worth the payoff.

(Photo by Michael Haug For Curbly)

When the Star is the Star

The decoration of the Christmas tree is often the morning of the cake, but if you really give it a moment. Choose the view of the traditional avant-garde star for a bright expression that catches the eye.

(Photo is a photo of the user Etsy)

Good on paper

Leave it to the good people of Lia Griffith (her pancake paper flowers they are simply crazy) fashionable a wonderful full-size tree using kraft paper. In the most ingenious DIY movements, the clothing chain is wrapped in light threads that shine from perforated paper. According to Lia Griffith and company, “It’s really easy!” Maybe we should take their word for it, but either way, the confusing result is surprisingly minimalist.

(Photo Lia Griffith)

Everything about the base

Never underestimate the trunk of your tree. When carefully decorated, often forgotten areas can make a bold statement.

(Photo is a photo of the user Box and Barrel)

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