3 How to Copy Sender’s Email Address in Gmail to Your Phone

Sometimes you get an email on your Gmail inbox and wants to copy the sender’s email address for some reason. On a PC, you can easily copy the email address and paste it anywhere, but on a phone, it’s very difficult sometimes. In this article, I’m going to tell you three basic methods to make it easy for you to copy a sender’s email address to the Gmail app on your phone.

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How to Copy Sender’s Email Address in Gmail

As mentioned, on mobile phones, Gmail won’t allow you to copy the sender’s email address directly from the mailbox, but there are some uses. Read it together to find out all the details!

Tap & Hold, Select and Copy

On some devices, and for some emails, you can copy the sender’s email, just as you copy other text. This means you can first try to copy in the normal way. If a new window doesn’t open and you go up and hold it to reveal options, you’re good to go.

1. Just open the email, and tap and hold the sender’s email address.

2. You will see options such as – Copy, Share and Select All.

3. Tap on copy and the email will be copied.

If this doesn’t work, it can touch and hold the sending name and start selecting, then select the sender’s name and email address and then copy it.

Click on the email address

This is probably the easiest way to copy any email address to your phone whether allowed by the app or not. So, when you close the link to the sent email addresses, a new mail window opens and you can copy from there.

1. Open any email you want to copy.

2. Click the arrow next to the sender’s name and then the email address.

3. This will open a new email window with the sender’s email address to the recipient’s address. Repeat once.

4. Now you will see two options under email address. You can still click on “Copy” to copy the email address from there and paste it anywhere.

Copy from Tu’i Mail Window

When you send an email to someone, it contains all the information including the email address of the previous sender, date, and time, and so on. If you want to copy the email address of anyone who sent it, just send that email to anyone, don’t send it.

1. Just click on the forward button and on the next window, you will see all the details of that email.

2. From this window, you can copy the sender’s address and paste it wherever you want.

This way you can copy the sender’s email address to the Gmail app on your phone. For more information and tricks, stay tuned to Gadgets To Use!

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