5 car subwoofers for the typical audiophile

Passionate car audio enthusiasts are always looking for the perfect subwoofers to install in their vehicles. The car subwoofer should be stylish and complement their existing interior, while producing high levels of sound pressure for an immersive bass experience.

Your car’s stereo system is probably the most influential aspect of your driving. The quality of your music can have a profound effect on your attitude and can subsequently affect how you feel while driving.

If you are serious about improving the quality of your driving, you can install subwoofers to improve the sound quality and enjoy a better music experience. To help you choose the right one, here are some of the best subwoofers available on the market.

1. Hit the Rockford Fosgate P3D4-12

Source: Rockford Fosgate / Amazon

The P3D4-12 is a 12-inch car subwoofer that delivers low-lightning levels in a compact, stylish body. If you are building a system in an SUV or a smaller car, the P3D4-12 is the ideal solution.

With 600 W RMS power, this small beast can easily produce deep bass when properly integrated with a suitable amplifier. In addition, the P3D4 -12 can be placed in almost any small body and will still provide a surprisingly powerful bass.

The only drawback of this submarine is its size; it is best suited for small enclosures, multi-subwoofer systems or systems with large amounts of bass.

The speaker has an impedance of 2 ohms with a maximum capacity of 1200 W. The subwoofer becomes strong enough to feel the bass in your chest, but not too loud to be annoyed by the pounding sounds.

The anodized aluminum cones and dust caps, combined with the unique ventilation design, keep the engine cooler. You also receive a one-year warranty if you are buy this car subwoofer from an authorized Rockford Fosgate distributor.

2. Skar Audio Dual SDR subwoofer

Subwoofer with accessories
Source: Scar Audio / Amazon

If you are looking for a way to get more bass in your car, you will need a good car subwoofer. Skar Audio subwoofers are a great choice for your car. These submarines have a 2-ohm double voice coil that allows you to connect them in 4 or 8 ohms.

They have an impressive capacity of 2400 watts RMS and 4000 watts peak capacity. That’s more than enough to reach deafening levels in your car or truck. You can also install these pads in a box or cut out the back of your car seat to mount them directly in the trunk of your car.

This subwoofer is beautiful easy to install, the wiring kit is also strong enough to handle the entire installation process.

3. JBL Basspro Hub powered subwoofer system

Round subwoofer
Source: JBL / Amazon

The JBL BassPro series subwoofers are designed for performance-oriented users who want to get the most out of their car’s audio system. They feature an ultra-compact, low-profile design that allows them to fit in spaces that other subwoofers cannot reach. Thanks to the compact design, it saves maximum space in your car.

The 11-inch (27.94 cm) subwoofer has a driver with a polypropylene cone and a rubber coating that can withstand high power levels and provide a clear bass response. It is also available with an 8 “passive radiator, which improves bass response and increases efficiency.

4. Scar Audio SVR-10 D4

Source: Scar Audio / Amazon

Skar Audio DPS-10 D4 is a 10-inch (25.4 cm) subwoofer with a maximum power of 1600W and RMS power of 800W. This car subwoofer is equipped with a 4-ohm dual voice coil, which means you can connect it for 4 ohms or 8 ohms. This will allow you to place it in almost any car that has a stereo stereo.

The DPS-10 D4 has an uncompressed paper cone. It also has an elongated surface spider to enhance stiffness and prevent dust or moisture from entering the engine structure. The highly efficient ferrite motor helps the subwoofer stay nice and cool, ensuring long-term reproduction.

SVR-10 D4 has an anodized aluminum cone and a shell of polyester fibers, which maximizes heat dissipation and ensures long life. Helps the speaker present best when pressed hard indoors as a vehicle.

5. PIONEER TS-A2500LS4 1200 watt 10 “subwoofer

Pioneer Subwoofer
Source: PIONEER / Amazon store

PIONEER TS-A2500LS4 has a unique design and offers a maximum power of 1200W and 300W RMS. The subwoofer is equipped with a double-reinforced spider for increased stability and durability, providing you with more than enough bass, while maintaining low distortion.

This is achieved by ensuring an even distribution of power on the surface of the voice coil, reducing distortion while ensuring high power operation. The extremely large magnetic structure also helps reduce distortion while providing high performance.

The conical structure of the subwoofer uses a cone made with MICA injected molded resin, which creates a very hard cone that can produce accurate bass.

Shallow subwoofers are designed to provide wider mounting options for a wide range of vehicles. Thanks to its compact design, the subwoofers can be mounted behind or under the seats depending on the type of car.

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