Apple has changed the iCloud Private Relay to a more transparent Name

One of the new features introduced by Apple in iOS 15 is iCloud Private Relay. For those unfamiliar, it’s a way to hide your IP address to make it harder on websites to find you. However, is it clearly based on the name? It’s hard, which is why Apple has renamed it.

In iOS 15.2 beta, Apple appears to have removed the iCloud Private Relay name from Settings and changed it to “Limit IP Address Tracking”. Apple may still be keeping the brand, but the best thing on the Set list is that its name is much clearer in what it does.

As iMore mentions, the information in the article still mentions iCloud Private Relay, but according to the Order, it’s much clearer what to do when using iCloud users. iCloud Private Relay is in beta but anyone with iOS 15 will be able to use it if they are a paid iCloud subscriber.

Apple has clarified that this feature is not a VPN part of what the VPN does is allow users to cover their location and even change their location, but that’s not what iCloud Private Relay does. It’s actually a useful thing and one that might be worth looking into if covering your IP address is something you enjoy.

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