Hakimo raises $ 4 million to combine cyber and physical

Hakimo, a California-based computer software startup, has raised $ 4 million seed financing combining cyber security and physical security to improve security as workers return to work.

The over-subscription round was led by Neotribe Ventures, with the participation of major investor angels like, Firebolt Ventures and Ameet Patel, Prasanna Srikhanta and Stanford professor Sachin Katt. The funding will allow the startup to expand its operations and accelerate the development of its technology.

Founded by Hakimo Joseph and Sagar Honnungar, two engineers trained at Stanford in 2021, workers around the world began returning to their workplaces after vaccination efforts became possible. As companies had to adapt to changing conditions caused by less organized traffic and flexible schedules, security concerns increased. Joseph Honnungar, as Hakimo’s CEO, said in this regard:

“Workers need to recognize that the flow of people through the building is different now and that they have a role to play in their safety. Knowing that someone is following you today and seeing this data related to your badge can result in a higher level of vigilance while you make the badge tomorrow.

The technology developed by the startup collects data from a variety of systems (digital and physical), which is then analyzed using artificial intelligence, data science, and a computer vision to identify potential threats. Historically, data generated by security systems have been problematic for security teams to navigate, resulting in low efficiency and high costs. Joseph mentioned:

“Cybersecurity systems were used to create many events that could not be handled by a human analyst. Systems such as SIEM and Security Orchestration and Response (SOAR) were created to help manage and respond to these alerts and incidents. Physical security has reached a point where it needs the same types of tools.”

Although incidents such as silence are a major source of security breaches in offices around the world, ongoing monitoring to detect these incidents is not a real option for most workplaces. Therefore, the systems developed by Hakimo cannot identify attempts to manipulate security controls, but rather assess behavior. computer vision, email alerts and gamification tools.

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