If you’re scared of baked bread, Unbreaded Focaccia is easy for you

Today, we are preparing a warm olive and rosemary focaccia from the oven. And I swear you’ll be able to smell the hot smell and garlic across your screen. Focaccia is perfect for those of us who love it idea about baking bread at home, but I find the idea of ​​kneading and shaping and caring for a “mother” very scary. This recipe is a great way for beginners to get into the world of homemade bread, and it’s so good that I can be in the “focaccia phase” of making bread forever. So let’s dive into this easy kneaded focaccia Thank you it’s in the corner and I feel like you’ll want this on your desk.

Speaking Thank you, I have a point of pain for Turkey Day. Because I believe in the idea that we “eat with our first eyes,” I’m always a little disappointed when I look at my plate and it’s a monochrome balloon that isn’t turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and white roll. it usually helps, even if it tastes great. With this recipe, I wanted to reinvent the bread we usually see on the thank you table and bring in more vivid colors, textures, and flavors.

Knead my easy focaccia with rosemary, lots of garlic, and all sorts of spices California ripe olives, The sweetest, juiciest, and richest olives I’ve ever eaten, grown on several multi-generational family farms off the coast of Central California. You can look for the CA Grown registration logo to make sure you are getting a real deal.

While this recipe is simple, it’s not a quick version or a shortcut, as it relies on two significant rest periods to lift the dough and create those familiar air focaccia pockets. However, it should not be kneaded or rolled; the dough is so flexible that when the time comes, you just have to use your hands to stretch and shape it to fit your baking sheet.

You can be quite creative with your extra app, and this is a great activity for kids to get involved with. Sprinkle with red onion, rosemary, whole spices and ripe California olives on top to thank you for a beautiful presentation that can be the star of the meal. If you have more olives left over, I like to put them in with some almonds and some grown crackers to make a simple appetizer spread out before lunch, and I’ve also been able to use olives in pasta, salad and pizzas – I’m hooked!

When you’re happy with your top design, put the baking sheet in the oven, and you’ll be rewarded with a hot, garlic focaccia that’s ready to swallow 20 minutes later.

Professional advice: pour a little extra virgin olive oil and sprinkle with a little sea salt on top right before serving.

Go to the recipe and listen to the comments if you’d like to try it out. Tag us @camillestyles Instagram so we can see your version! And make sure you jump on us 2021 Thanksgiving Guide Get more recipes for your Thanksgiving table.

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