“Mega Power Frunk” of the Ford F-150 Lightning is the largest so far

Traditionally, when there is a vehicle, there is almost always a trunk. And again, traditionally, the mentioned trunk is almost always located at the rear of the car. That was until the debut of the front trunk, or popularly known as “funk”.

In the last few years, frunks have attracted a lot of attention, especially after Tesla The rains of electric cars. And now Ford, another American car giant, has announced that it is all-electric version of the best-selling pickup of all time, 2022 Pickup F-150 Lightning is ready to go on the market. And that’s it “Mega Power Frunk” is the largest in the truck industry with a spacious storage area of ​​14.1 cubic feet.

Create your dream frunk

But size is not everything. There are many more things to get excited about Lightning frunk. Ford wanted to differentiate its new funk design from its competitors by equipping it with lights, USB chargers and full electrical outlets. The grandmother has bedside lamps in the hood and these lamps offer a light source on the inside of the hood that prevents blocking, glare and shading. The four electrical outlets, two USB chargers and 2.4 kilowatts of power are ready to power electronics from TVs to laptops, speakers to earthenware, power tools and other devices.

The new bag can easily fit in two golf bags. Source: Ford

With the new F-150 Lightning and its multi-function boot, you can stop moving in the rear of the truck and move to the front. What’s more, you can add an integrated table, stereo system and battery for work or play.

F-150 Lightning Chief Software Engineer Linda Zhang adds that “The Mega Power Frunk of the F-150 Lightning pickup is one of those features that changes what vehicles can provide to customers. Its huge size, sufficient power supply, the drainage floor and the opening and closing system, which opens at the touch of a button, make it great! ”

According to the company’s press release, Ford’s director of design strategy Greg Ardisana said, “Because the bag was a new space, all truck customers we interacted with were really excited about what it could be and how it could benefit from it. him in their daily lives ”and that“ … they had to take what they wanted and find a way to achieve it ”.

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