Microsoft has blocked an App to block Edge

Companies like Microsoft have built various products and services into its Windows operating system. It includes the Edge browser and its Bing search engine. Earlier this year, they tried to engage users Bing makes their search engines malfunction. This seems to be harming users in the wrong way.

So Daniel Aleksandersen created a program called EdgeDeflector that allows Windows 11 users to open networks to use their search options instead of using Edge, but it seems to have been discovered by Microsoft and in a future Windows 11 update, Microsoft will block the app.

In a statement to The Verge, a Microsoft spokesperson said, “Windows allows displaying applications and services on its platform, including search on different platforms. At the same time, Windows also offers more retail information in the background in two. Windows 10 and Windows 11, the search from the taskbar is one example of a top -level model that is not designed to be re -introduced. When we find the command is incorrect, we stop ‘ give an improvement. “

However, it was pointed out that the app should not be blamed for the block. That’s because Firefox and Brave have started doing something similar to their research, and with Firefox playing at home with over 200 million users, that’s probably what Microsoft has caught on to.

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