The Moto G Power 2022: A Major Update

Motorola has unveiled the new feature moto G MANA on a fast track by launching the 2022 version of one of the most popular phones in the “moto G” family.

The overall goals remain the same as before: a long battery, a large mobile phone and well -performing cameras and features (for the price). Everything comes at a cheap price of $ 199 or $ 249, depending on RAM and storage configuration.

Of the 6.5-inch IPS LCD revelation get an update speed of 90Hz (formerly 60Hz) to improve driving and other user communication. It’s unclear if the update has a price change, and Motorola may be able to clarify something later.

The phone is a little smaller than last year, but a high 203g phone. Other phones are heavier, so it’s not a problem since we get one 5000 mAh stone capacity. Motorola says the battery life is “3 days”, which is a pretty good deal.

However, looking at the specifications of the battery and the total power of the system, we think it should still get its name “G Power” by having a long life stone.

The audience 10W load can charge the phone at a reasonable speed, and these days, we have to be thankful for having a shipment in the box. Surprisingly, more expensive phones are breaking corners on delivering faster payloads.

The background design of the “Dark Grove” is original and interacts well with the ambient light. the phone also looks a bit slippery.

Hold on because the phone is not wet, but it is IP52 IP Addressing proven to be able to withstand dust and water turbulence. Do not immerse.

The rear camera gets an upgrade in the form of the original 50MP audio, with 1.3-micron pixels in size, resolution and f/1.8 lens. Motorola also has a 2MP macro camera and 2MP Bokeh listen to increase the accuracy of the background blur in photographs. There is no significant update on the selfie camera.

In the phone, a 8-core MediaTek Helio G37 standard and 4GB of RAM is responsible for computer power. We’ll be testing a few examples throughout the review to see exactly how the Helio G37 ranks in a competitive market.

So far, MediaTek has gained a lot of traction, and CEO Rick Tsai said his company has now become “the world’s largest smartphone. SoC made all over the world. ” It was an achievement.

The new G Power engine comes with 64GB or 128GB of storage, and if that’s not enough, you can add 512GB of microSD storage.

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