Want to know how to make a house comfortable? Do the only thing.

We get it, it gets cold outside and you only want to do one thing: hibernate. But the year is not over yet, and there is still a lot to do for the holidays watch all the holiday movies in ours best living room clothes while we are eating cookies. Who is with me? Before we get into that, first of all, first of all: We need all the tips we can get to know how to make a comfortable home.

We are working on preparing the house for some boss taking a nap. And while we’re ready for comfort, we certainly don’t want to hurt the style. Do you also want to know how to make your home comfortable? Of course, we took a look at three of our favorite designers:Katie Hodges, Julie Van Daele Welcome, and Erik Gacia Find the HouseTo find out, and they all agreed on one thing: Don’t underestimate the texture.

It’s comfortable when you walk into a space and immediately want to remove your shoes, snuggle in a comfortable piece of furniture, and feel relaxed, ”says Garcia.“ It encourages you to walk all day. ”We couldn’t agree more.

user photo Julie Van Daele Well Reception

Hodges relies on texture when it wants to increase comfort, but lighting is also key, especially the warmth of the fire. Instead of a fireplace, he says stepped candle columns are a beautiful way to add a sense of intimacy and uniqueness to a space.

user photo Haris Kenjar for Design by Katie Hodges

And don’t forget to mess up your texture too. Daele says it’s important to combine knitwear, faux leather and velvet, but most importantly: “don’t forget the smell! ” We are talking about incense, candles and essential oils. Garcia agrees: “Perfumes are a great way to feel calm, relaxed and luxurious.”

If you’re wondering about adding texture, but you’re shaking your head about how to make your home comfortable and stylish, keep reading our designer tips:

  • Layer two pillows of the same texture in the same color palette on your sofa.
  • Put a boot on your couch and in your armchairs.
  • Place an accent rug on top of an existing larger rug.

through photography Find the House

Ready to put these tips into practice? Buy our favorite designer pieces to make your home comfortable:

This publication was published on December 18, 2020, and has been updated ever since.

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