Face ID On the iPhone 13 doesn’t rest after your third -party upgrade

Recently, it was discovered that due to the use of a small microcontroller in the iPhone 13 display, a third unofficial store had tried to overhaul / replace the iPhone 13 display. will end up with a phone where Face ID no longer works. This is because the microcontroller needs to be certified and installed using specialized software that only Apple and official repair shops can provide.

Apple later back to this follow -up they found, and the good news seems to be that based on the recent iOS beta, the company is improving their promise. According to DIY YouTuber iCorrect, they have confirmed that from the recent iOS beta, users can now change their iPhone 13 appearance without using useless Face ID.

This is part of the iOS 15.2 update which is currently in beta, so if you’re not in beta don’t go in a hurry to upgrade the screen through third -party stores right now , even though the phone is new, we don’t think there are too many broken screens so far. This change is a welcome change and appears to be a change to Apple’s policy regarding the recovery of other components.

In fact, just the other day Apple announced plans to promote a self -rehabilitation program which allows users to purchase parts and tools directly from Apple, with the ability to repair manuals, so they can try to repair their machines if they want.

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