Holiday Shopping List: What’s New at Goop Home in November

Because we are obsessed with Flamingo Estate Most of them Obsessed with His Enchanting Candles

Do we want to be in the gardens, picking organic vegetables and grabbing champagne? We want a lot live At the Flamingo Estate in LA, where old cars are filled with roses and dinners are legendary things. To get there, even if only for a moment, these long candles with 100 percent vegetable wax have a wonderful scent, and the deep green glass bowls look wonderful wherever you put them. Forced to choose between Climbing Tuscan Rosemary, Roma Heirloom Tomato and Adriatic Muscatel Sage, we choose all three.

  1. Flamingo Estate
    A bunch of three sister candles
    goop, $ 115


The Minimalist Showstopper (That’s also nice)

With a high, dynamic shape that blends organic curves with sharp edges, Stevie is a study of contrast. It is handmade and polished to perfection. And in that cream-colored texture, the minimalist accent is perfect, somehow striking and impressive at the same time, with or without flowers.

  1. Marloe Stevie Vase

    Marloe Marloe
    Stevie Vase
    goop, $ 340


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