iPhone 14 may come with support for WiFi 6E

For the past two years of the iPhone generation, Apple has included support for WiFi 6. However, it could change to the iPhone 14 because according to researcher Ming-Chi Kuo, he believes that Apple can install the phone that comes with support for WiFi 6E.

So what does this mean for users? For the most part, it may not be an obvious thing. However, on paper and specifics, the WiFi 6E has many advantages over the WiFi 6. For starters, it uses the 6GHz frequency which is a new era where 1200MHz can be added. o alaleo. WiFi 6 is still being shared.

By allowing access to the 6GHz frequency, in the belief it should offer more bandwidth, less bandwidth, which can help devices such as AR and VR, high -speed streaming, and more than. In fact, Kuo says that Apple can also use WiFi 6E, so having the iPhone 14 work with the headset is really worth it.

Kuo believes that Apple could use the WiFi 6E and iPhone 14, which could help leverage the technology in many products, though the downside could disrupt supply for the entire industry.

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