Mail on Apple Watch does not offer the same security as the iPhone

IOS 15 brought a lot of features related to the use of Apple’s mobile devices. One of the only Mail Security features is to hide your IP address from online email marketing. This effectively blocks the tracking of pixels that can be attached to emails. It also works with iCloud Private Relay to hide your real IP address.

Unfortunately, Apple seems to have forgotten the Apple Watch. According to a report from developer Mysk, they have found that when users view their emails and download plugins from their emails via the Apple Watch, they don’t get the same level of security as the iPhone.

According to the tweet, when users open and download email using the Apple Watch, or even view the email via information on the Apple Watch, your real IP address is actually used. This means that any protections that could have been applied on the iPhone such as Mail Protection have passed.

Apparently this is a mistake on Apple’s part. Maybe the company thinks people aren’t checking their email on their smartwatches, or maybe they forgot. Hopefully this is something that the company will show in future watchOS updates. Now, for those who check their emails on their watch, if you’re too worried about checking with privacy, there’s no solution that can’t be revealed first.

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