Tidal now offers a free Steps of Sale

When Tidal first launched, the company tried to separate them from the competition by offering high -quality streams. Unfortunately, this came at a higher price than what other competitors were offering, and Tidal quickly realized that not everyone saw the need or wanted to hear it. in streams of audiophile grade.

So it looks like Tidal is trying another way to get customers by advertising a free ad. This puts Tidal on par with other streaming services like Spotify which have long offered their customers a free section, where they can listen to music but will have to put up with it. more ads.

Tidal said, “For the first time, musicians are now able to try TIDAL for free, with access to our entire music list and listings, and limited interruptions.” For those who need access to all the features of Tidal, two options come in the form of Tidal HiFi priced at $ 9.99 a month, and HiFi Plus which offers access to platforms such as Dolby Atmos Music, Sony 360 Audio Recordings, with Master Quality Assurance.

We’re not sure if that’s enough of an opportunity to help Tidal find new users, especially since platforms like Spotify and Apple Music are heavily controlling the access to streaming music, so we’ll have to wait and see how this new guide unfolds. .

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