Uber Launches New Uber One Shopping App

Many companies know that subscriptions are the way of the future to generate income. That’s because contributions can be lower than one-off sales, and lock customers in for a longer period of time, ensuring consistent revenue for the company.

Uber seems to be looking to upgrade its subscription service as the company announces Uber Tasi program. Priced at $ 10 a month, or $ 100 a year, it gives subscribers access to many benefits. Includes priority shopping services, $ 5 Uber Cash for late orders, $ 0 food and beverage fees, special promotions and offers, discounts on rides, and so on.

Yes, there is good literature and that for some benefits, such as free delivery, it applies to restaurants participating in the Uber One program, so there is a chance that your restaurant will not support it. favorite, but we think. that’s a chance you have to take. However, at $ 10 a month, the bargain isn’t too bad, especially if you order frequently because it can save you on delivery costs.

This isn’t Uber’s first attempt at registration. The company opened in 2018 the Uber Ride Pass program, but in accordance with company help page, they will switch to the Uber One program.

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