Austria imposes a vaccination mandate on all. The first in Europe

Only days after the announcement of the blockade for the unvaccinated, Austria is again entering a full blockade, as cases continue to increase and report from Reuters reveals.

The country’s government has also made vaccination against COVID-19 mandatory since February 2022, making it the first country in Europe to impose a mandatory vaccine mandate on its entire adult population.

Austria reintroduces the blockade and makes vaccination mandatory

The lockdown will last a minimum of 10 days and a maximum of 20 days, according to Conservative Austrian Chancellor Alexander Schalenberg. The entire population of the country will also be ordered to be fully vaccinated by February 1, the government announced today, November 19.

The new mandate makes Austria the first country in Europe and the fourth in the world to introduce a mandatory vaccination mandate for its entire adult population. Indonesia, Turkmenistan and Micronesia all mandates introduced stating that their adults should be vaccinated. A large number of countries, including Canada, Italy and the United States, have made it mandatory to vaccinate government officials.

Singapore took a different position. The island nation recently ruled that anyone who has refused to take COVID-19 will no longer be covered by public health in the event of a serious infection and will have to take their own account.

Earlier this week, Austria announced an unprecedented blocking for the unvaccinated whereas anyone who has been vaccinated can leave their home, but anyone who has not been vaccinated cannot. World Health Organization recently warned that almost 2 million cases of COVID-19 were reported in Europe last week, the highest in the region since the start of the pandemic.

Are vaccination mandates common?

Mandatory vaccination has been a relatively common occurrence throughout history. As a report of BBC points out, compulsory vaccination began only a few years after the first smallpox vaccine was developed by Edward Jenner in 1796.

In fact, the same report points to the fact that throughout history there has been a model of populations that widely accept compulsory vaccination before a new vaccination appears, sending part of the population into turmoil. The United States, for example, has had vaccination mandates since 1970, and Italy has demanded that children be vaccinated against a number of diseases, such as measles, mumps and hepatitis B.

With 65 percent of adults fully vaccinated against COVID-19, Austria has one of the lowest vaccination rates in Western Europe. Therefore, the new mandate is likely to help significantly reduce morbidity in the country.

It was a devastating story and was updated with the advent of new information.

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