Fisker has finally unveiled its first ocean production model

The start-up company for electric vehicles Fisker Inc. unveiled the production version of the Fisker Ocean SUV on Wednesday, November 17, at the Los Angeles Auto Show. This is the first production model to come from Fisker, five years after the company was founded.

The company revealed in press release that it will manufacture and sell the model from 2022. Along with the unveiling, Fisker has announced details and price points for the various versions of the Ocean that will hit the market next year.

Fisker Ocean’s sunroof adds 2,000 miles of range per year

Source: Fisker

The standard Ocean model will launch at a price of $ 37,499. It will be available with front-wheel drive, will have a mileage of 250 miles (402 km) and will produce 275 horsepower.

The $ 49,999 Ocean Ultra produces up to 540 horsepower, accelerates from zero to 100 km / h in 3.9 seconds and has a larger battery, giving it 340 miles (547 km). However, the peak of the level is Ocean Extreme, which has a mileage of 350 miles (563 km) and will generate 550 horsepower. Ultra and Extreme have four-wheel drive.

Fisker has finally unveiled its first ocean production model
Source: Fisker

Ocean roofing also includes solar roofs, a technology that is increasingly being taken seriously by the automotive industry. Toyota, for example, recently introduced its own the first electric vehicle,, bZX4, which has a solar panel. Another company, Lightyear, says this is Lightyear One the solar electric vehicle will be able to drive for months without being switched on. Under ideal conditions, Fisker says the solar panels on the roof of his Ocean SUV can provide up to 2,000 miles (3,218 km) of additional mileage per year.

Join the competition

Fisker Ocean, like Fisker itself, is doing a lot to stand out with other deadly electric cars like Tesla, Ford and GM. In fact, like Tesla, the company has faced scrutiny for false claims in the past, including claims it will build official “papomobil” and that its Ocean SUV will reach a range of 500 miles (804 km) and will only take a minute to charge.

Fisker has finally unveiled its first ocean production model
Source: Fisker

Another newly announced feature of the Ocean is a 17.1-inch rotating touchscreen that allows passengers to watch movies and make the most of the car’s “Hollywood Mode” feature. The ocean also has “vegan interior “and is built largely from recycled materials. The SUV will go into production in November 2022, starting with a limited edition version called Ocean One for $ 68,999.

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