Fujifilm’s Instax Mini Evo is a camera with a photo printer

There’s something really interesting about movies. That’s because once you take it, you can’t turn it off. This is where digital cameras allow you to always delete pictures you don’t like, and take as much as your memory card can hold. If you like the feel of a print but you want the flexibility of a digital camera, Fujifilm has something for you.

The company recently announced their new Instax Mini Evo printer. Today, Fujifilm is known for its Instax cameras that can capture and print on site. With the Instax Mini Evo, it combines the features of a digital camera, such as being able to preview images, but also allows users to print.

Users can take pictures using the camera themselves and view them on the screen. LCD in the background before printing, but they also have the option to send photos taken by the camera to their phone, and photos taken on their phone to the camera as possible they also publish. This means that users can take pictures on their camera or phone, edit them on their mobile devices, and then send them back to the camera as much as possible. to print.

It’s actually a very cool device with a device and if you like it, the Fujifilm Instax Mini Evo will be launched in Japan on December 3, followed by other markets in February 2022 which is the it costs $ 200.

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