Google has agreed to pay AFP for news for the next five years

Google needs news as much as Google publishers need it. That’s because without Google, it’s hard for readers to find new content from these publishers, but without these publishers, Google search wouldn’t be very useful.

For example, if you previously searched for articles on Google, you might see some of them appear on the cards at the top of the page. research. The idea is to make it easier for users to quickly identify what they need, but advertisers are frustrated because they don’t get any traffic, and at the same time Google gets money from theirs.

Now that it appears to be done in France, Google has agreed to pay Agence France-Presse (AFP) for news for the next five years. This was followed by a $ 600 million fine that Google was fined by the country’s antitrust authority following complaints from AFP, Le Monde, and Le Figaro. The company will appeal the fine, but now they have also agreed to pay AFP for its assets.

This is not the first time that publishers have expressed their displeasure with the actions of these big technology companies. Over the past year, the competing company and Australian consumers have been looking to strengthen these companies to pay for news. It resulted in some conflict between Facebook and some local publications, which blocked Facebook from sharing and watching news on its platform for users in the country.

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