Is the US Air Force about to introduce some new spy drones?

What is the best way to counter gossip? Going out with the truth. This seems to be the idea behind a new video released from the United States Air Force Center for Excellence in the Arms Profession (PACE).

The video, which was released earlier this month, tells the story gathering intelligence, surveillance and intelligence (ISR) have improved over the decades. The United States has come a long way since the days when balloons were sent into the air to find out what was going on behind enemy lines. US opponents are already a world away, and the military still has the ability to “find the undiscovered.”

The video can be dismissed as one of the commercials for military establishments, except that the narrator mentions white bats at the end. If you followed the news, it was an RQ-180 called the White Bat reportedly noticed near the Philippines in September this year. This follows reports from previous sightings of a spy drone that reportedly has stealth capabilities in addition to high-altitude flight and long-term endurance (HALE).

According to reports from Aviation WeekThe RQ-180 was developed by secret means and has been used by the US military for some time in contested and protected airspace. With a wingspan of 130 feet (40 m) and a 24-hour endurance, Aviation Week attributes the seven such aircraft that are reported to be in operation as the reasons why the US Air Force is talking about developing ISR technology. .

With increasing number of reported observations on the plane, the U.S. Air Force probably thinks it’s a good time to share details about its white bats.

As users pointed out in the comments, there is also an Easter egg in the video. The silhouette of a large drone appears in just over a second, which looks like an SR-72 unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Called the “Son of Blackbird”, this hypersonic UAV, proposed by Lockheed Martin, is expected to reach Mach 6. Also designed for ISR purposes, UAVs are expected to take off by 2025.

Maybe we will see some conceptual images and images of artists in the future?

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