LG First to Launch GeForce Now Cloud Gaming Integration In TV

LG is the first TV manufacturer to integrate the NVIDIA GeForce Now cloud gaming service directly into TVs running webOS, which is probably the beginning of integration in the industry. I hope there is more TV OEM to follow.

If you’re unfamiliar with GeForce Now, a cloud -based gaming service that runs games on hardware while powerfully integrated with state -of -the -art GPUs and returns them to a customer like it’s your laptop, tablet, and fast, your TV.

Since the games are run on NVIDIA while, you don’t need a powerful and expensive system. Instead, you pay a monthly fee to get a gaming experience. I’m testing the GF Now service, so watch out for my full review, but the experience is even better now.

If you’ve followed LG a few years ago, you probably know them YOU ARE television is also some of the best sports shows that money can buy. LG has worked hard with NVIDIA to do that G-Sync performance, and overall, gamers are happy when they connect their gaming consoles to LG’s OLED TV.

The integration of GeForce Now will increase LG’s reach in the gaming market. There are many compelling reasons to use GeForce Now. One of them is the immediate potential of the service compared to buying or building a gaming console. That is especially true in an era of supply-chain crunch and rising component prices.

LG did not have a full list of compatible TVs, but said:

“Of the [GeForce Now] the app is now available in the LG Content Store on 2021 LG selections 4K OLED, QNED Mini LED and NanoCell TV models in 80 markets. 2 The app will allow LG TV and TV compatible owners to instantly enjoy over 35 games for free with just a convenient command, no additional tools it is needed ”.

“Games including Rocket League and Destiny 2 along with popular titles like Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and Crysis Remastered Trilogy, can all be played up to 1080p resolution with 60 frames per second ”.

I’m not surprised to see LG doing this, as the company is very strong on the gaming front. Recent expenditures on its televisions allow for this new development, as you still need a good computer and a strong connection to run games at 60FPS.

“LG customers are expecting the best when it comes to games on a big screen,” said Lee Sang-woo, senior vice president of business intelligence at LG Electronics Home Entertainment Company. .

And that’s exactly right. I see more and more gamers using LG OLED TVs for gaming. However, computer users are also using these TV sets as large PC characters for creative work.

If you like GeForce Now, I recommend it find your connection first, because of the great limitation in the game cloud.

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