MediaTek Dimensity 9000: A Foundation for High -Performance Mobile Phones

MediaTek was the first company to announce a foundation product TSMC’s 4nm semiconductor system. Innovative systems allow chipmakers to deploy large amounts of computing power in a number of spaces and are often faster and more powerful.

At the heart of this system on a hole (SoC), which has a collection of powerful CPUs including Ultra, Super, and Efficiency cores in MediaTek data. As the names suggest, each type of theme differs in speed and power characteristics. Sequencing and threading work together to automatically deliver jobs to the most appropriate main type.

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Estate CPU Clusters is not a new idea, but this implementation is interesting, and one ARM Cortex X2 topics like the “Ultra” topic, three Cortex A710 “Super” cores, ma fa Cortex A510 ‘theme for “activity.”

The state -of -the -art PPU designs are supposed to demonstrate high performance and high tensile strength on the board. If anything, I hope that more SoC vendors are using these new CPU kits, and we need to see if some of them have standard interfaces. For now, MediaTek’s CPU cluster looks great.


The CPU cores quickly access LPDDR5 RAM, which offers the most capacity if OEM opt for the most supported memory type. There are many 14MB of PPU storage remember to stay on the chip as much as possible.

Photo credit: Eliane Fiolet

The art production is a ARM Mali G710, a GPU design was released in May 2021. On paper, it should bring 20% ​​improvement in graphics and 35% for GPU machine learning programs. In general, the structure should provide 20% energy efficiency.


The Mali G710 is also on display test drive equipment (RT), can be interesting from the developer’s point of view. For consumers, it remains to be seen what kind of signal processing this GPU can achieve (in beams / two) and the quality of RT denoising, two important aspects for instrument beam testing.

The speed of RT determines what game developers do and how they flow into games. In the short term, the legacy of performance performance remains the most important metric to look at.

This device supports image a 180Hz refresh rate, and that may be a sign of where the revelation is going. But it can also be useful for games and VR apps, especially since the G710 has a new architecture change to reduce internal clutter.

The Dimensity 9000’s Image Signal Processor (ISP) can be intimidating 9 billion pixels per second and can support a 320MP camera. The 320MP camera isn’t exactly standard, but multi-camera recording is the “no” real use in the world today.


At the same time capturing with all the cameras of the phone (rear, ultrawide, zoom, selfie) is very easy for people to do things. The high-speed ISP allows this at high speeds. Of the third noise reduction demonstration method MediaTek talked about is one of the best that can be done in the software side of photography.

Photo credit: Eliane Fiolet

Interestingly, the ISP and APU (AI Processor) have access to the same memory. Thus, the APU is able to process images efficiently, which opens the door to a wide range of image processing and refining. This is especially true because the new APU is 4X faster than the previous generation.


The Dimension 9000’s integrated 5G modem is built on 5G NR 3GPP Release 16 information. There are many improvements for communication and transportation to facilitate the transition from 4G to 5G.

5G features such as updated MIMO protocols and 5G NR not allowed in Version 16 will increase the speed and capacity of the network and provide a more common network communication for everyone to use. Yes, you will need to use the links on Release 16, but having a suitable device is a way to justify your purchase in the future.

The Dimensity 9000 support Wi-Fi 6E ma Bluetooth 5.3, the latest update on the popular BT protocol. From a consumer perspective, the Bluetooth upgrade is behind it. However, quality and practice may have a small effect on battery life.

Overall, the new MediaTek Dimensity 9000 a real “Flagship” status. where MediaTek will compete for the top. The top of the Dimensity line of products, and we are looking forward to seeing the first machines coming on the market.

MediaTek CEO Rick Tsai and its leaders participated in the promotion via video (from Taiwan) and laid out a great overview of the past few years of progress, and looking back, the Dimensity family has climbed in all areas in up.

During the Q&A session, some asked what he thought of NVIDIA’s acquisition of ARM. He replied that he believed “the capability of the PPU and GPU will be improved with NVIDIA’s technology,” and that it was a “good” thing.

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