A healthy alternative to 6 coffee creams that will transform your morning drink

I get up in the morning from what I can remember. No, I’m not one of those lucky people who wakes me up with an internal alarm clock that wakes me up at 5am without fail (note: if you want to be one of those people, read this). Instead, I am a connoisseur of well-prepared caffeine. My morning cup of coffee is enough motivation to tie up and never walk (again sprint) to the kitchen, where I’m just a few minutes away from enjoying its invigorating warmth. And while there’s certainly a time and place to take a bitter bite that my beans can make, there’s nothing I love more than to give it a little creamy goodness. But with my New Year’s plans already in mind, I’m actively trying to weave healthier ways to achieve my morning fix. The solution? This list of the best and sweetest alternatives to healthy coffee creams.

Here is the account coffee: A magic elixir that will help you achieve your health goals every morning can be as simple as a sugar bomb made up of artificial ingredients. Certainly I won’t rule it out from time to time the enjoyment of the cafe From time to time, I want my daily drink to be a little more supportive and functional. So in hopes of making that happen, here are my top six options for the best coffee cream alternatives that are healthy and will brighten your morning.

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MUD WTR Cremator

Price: $ 25 for 30 servings

Story: Fans of minimalism, MUD / WTR is creamy for you. A few high-quality ingredients and eye-pleasing packaging make it very pleasing. But his supporters don’t stop there. MUD / WTR is a plant-based, vegan, sugar- and gluten-free addition that also stimulates MCT oil and stimulates the brain. Do you love the environment as much as you love coffee? The good news: the bag is compostable and we send it to you in a recyclable box without plastic.

Flavor: When mixed with a cup of morning coffee, it creates an undeniable creamy flavor.

Laird Original Superfood Creamer

Price: $ 18.95 for 16 ounces

Story: If you’re looking for a cream that will carry you through everything you bring to the day (a workout, a full-to-do list, or anything in between), this is what you want to add. your coffee. Laird Superfoods is committed to helping everyone live a cleaner life by creating functional foods that nourish your mind and body. This sold-out selection is the perfect plant-based solution if you want to stay away from sugar options without sacrificing flavor. Produced sustainably without artificial or added flavors, you can feel confident that you are doing something good for yourself by swallowing this.

Flavor: Although less pleasing than other options, you get a smooth, silky texture with a touch of sweetness.

Vital Proteins Collagen Burner

Price: 31 $ 10.3 for an ounce container

Story: Vital Proteins has garnered a cult following for the success it has brought in recent years collagen into the zeitgeist. Wellness enthusiasts and those who eat healthier among us can’t get enough of Vital Protein powder and cream. Created in response to the need for a product that sustains the health of your joint health, Vital Proteins has expanded its offering to offer a wide range of collagen options that will strengthen your hair and lighten your skin. Choose this cream and make improving your wellness routine as easy as splitting a ball, mixing it with coffee and sipping it.

Flavor: Choose from three flavors, mocha, coconut or vanilla. Although vanilla is my favorite, I’ll admit that the coconut isn’t very coconut and the mocha is sweet enough, so if it’s more your style, immerse yourself in it anyway.

Picnik vanilla oat milk cream adaptogen

Price: $ 21.99 for a 2 pack

Story: If you’re like me, you grow into rituals and routines that add structure to your daily routine. Of course, coffee is part of that, and the addition of Picnik’s Oatmilk Creamer only adds to the experience. Introducing adaptogens like a mixture of lion’s mane, cordyceps, eleuthero, and ashwagandha, they increase attention and clarity (something most of us beg for in the morning). Add to that a healthy dose of l-theanine so you don’t have sustained and unhealthy energy, and you’ll have everything you need to take in a day.

Flavor: Dreamy, creamy and completely delicious: don’t sleep on this selection.

Primal Kitchen Collagen Fuel Protein Blend

Price: $ 28.80 for 24 notes

Story: There’s nothing I don’t want to swallow that Primal Kitchen does. Do sauces, gravy, decorations, marinades, and almost all of them have a label approved by Whole30? I am whole. This blend is made with 10 grams of collagen peptide to support hair, skin and nails, and is paleo and keto friendly. Basically, all the boxes are checked.

Flavor: Wrapped in a creamy coconut milk powder and wrapped in the taste of vanilla to the taste of vanilla? I wouldn’t blame you if you’re preparing a second cup in the middle of the morning.

Califia Farms Better Half Creamer

Price: $ 20.94 for a 6 pack

Story: The ingredients are simple and straightforward, and in all honesty, it will probably be the closest game to the one you want to remove. Plant-based, vegan, GMO-free and sugar-free, there’s nothing stopping you from supplying it.

Flavor: This cream is flavorful. The combination of almond milk and coconut cream creates a rich but not overwhelming flavor that blends beautifully with your morning cup.

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