A major disruption to Tesla’s server has left electric vehicles stagnant around the world

Tesla cars had a fair share of problems. There was a design defect that caused the bumpers to fall from Tesla Model 3s. There was The full autopilot function which confused the moon for a yellow light slowing down the car at the wrong time. And finally there was all problems encountered with “Smart Summon” a feature that allows cars to find their owners in parking lots.

To be honest, Tesla is testing a lot futuristic features never seen before and opportunities, so it’s only natural that many of them get damaged in the beginning. It takes time and practice to become good at everything that is new and inexperienced.

Now it seems that Tesla owners around the world are experiencing a new problem. According to a few tweets, people report that they cannot connect their phone to their car and cannot start their cars.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk was informed about this problem by one of these unfortunate people on Twitter and replied that he was checking for it. People who try to set their car on fire or connect it to their phones get it unexplained “500 internal server error”.

This is of little help as it is quite a general message this does not indicate a specific fixable problem. Also, according to the tweets, the problem seems to be global, which makes things even worse.

There was some confusion as to why a server error would prevent cars from starting. Some have dared to suggest that the Tesla app can ping the company’s servers if the owner uses his phone as a key. At least that would mean that only those who use their phone as a key would experience a problem.

Unfortunately, Tesla does not have a press department to control the flow of information from the company, so we will continue to closely monitor Musk’s Twitter account in the hope that he will provide additional reports.

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