A woman was heartbroken when she found an Apple AirTag stuck to her car

Last August we presented you the story of a cybersecurity expert in Brooklyn, New York, who managed to recover his stolen bike by tracking it himself, all thanks to the Apple AirTag he had hidden inside the bike. The story created an interesting article and highlighted the many benefits of AirTags.

For the uninitiated, Apple’s AirTags are tiny tracking devices with a speaker on them that can stick to things that are likely to be confused. The user can then activate them using their Apple device and easily locate them by finding their missing item along the way.

Although they have many useful applications, such as those mentioned above, they can also be used for unwanted surveillance. Jonesboro, Arkansas KAIT news reported the story of one an unidentified woman who plugged her iPhone into her car only to receive a notification informing her that there was an AirTag nearby.

Apparently it was an AirTag that she hadn’t installed herself, as she didn’t even know what it was during the event. “It turned out that I had AirTag followers and I said no,” the woman said. So she came to the ominous conclusion that someone else was trying to follow her.

“On the way to work, I went to hang up my phone to listen to music and then it showed up, I have an AirTag follower and I’m like, no,” the woman added, still in shock. She went on to find the device stuck to her trunk, put it in her bag and took it to the local police station for investigation.

Unfortunately, the police still have no clues, but Robert Sexton, a detective with the Paraguld police, said that this is an event that is happening more and more often and that people should be careful about such incidents. Besides being able to stick AirTags in unwanted places, vicious actors they may also be able to hack them. Hmm!

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