Flourless Peppermint Chocolate Cake is the holiday dessert of my dreams

This year, I couldn’t hold back until I gave thanks. We’re here in mid-November, and my Christmas tree has climbed, there’s a wreath in front of the door, and I’ve already got it. fir and wood lighting a candle. Did I use our holiday photo shoot as an excuse to decorate the house lewdly early? Of course, and let’s face it: it was an excuse to be very happy to jump.

I know what you’re wondering: what has this got to do with the cake? Promise, I’ll get there. This time of year is always what I start to crave hot chocolate mint as a mid-afternoon treat that gives me all my magical vacation. Maybe it’s basic, but me I want to have that Starbucks Christmas cup while you’re exploring Norah Jones ’holiday album. So when it came time to dream of a pre-holiday dinner dessert I had planned last week, I knew what I wanted to make: a chocolate cake made with flour-free mint, one of my favorite sweets ever infused with those classic holidays. flavors.

Let’s start singing the praises flourless chocolate cake. This classic dessert a a lot to go to that. On the one hand, it has few ingredients, and I always have them in the pantry, so it’s a great recipe to keep in your back pocket for your last-minute baking whims. It’s also one of those weird desserts that is undeniably decadent but light-hearted, allowing you to enjoy it without that feeling of heaviness that denser cakes often provide. It also stands out for being gluten-free in itself, which your #gf friends can also enjoy! By itself, it’s a flour-free recipe, and I add a little gluten-free powder to give it height and fresh air.

So what makes this flourless pepper a holiday chocolate cake? Well, mint appears in two places here. There is half a tablespoon of mint extract in the egg cake itself, which doesn’t seem like much, but trust me: a small pepper extract has a long way to go. And second: after the cake has cooled, I pile up clouds of whipped cream in the middle of the cake, then sprinkle with grated pepper, chocolate chips and cocoa powder on top. In addition to adding more mint flavor, the grated pepper provides a wonderful subtle curry with such a great contrast to the cream.

Isn’t she beautiful? I usually cut a thin slice for dinner so a 9-inch cake can be easily fed 16. It’s also very well kept in the fridge; you can certainly do this before serving and refrigerating. put the cream in the fridge before eating. Eat chilled or heated, this flourless mint chocolate cake is incredibly delicious at any temperature, and is really the perfect dessert for a meeting. Go to the recipe and tag it on Instagram @camillestyles if you try it!

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