Make your own working cardboard rifle Barrett .50 Cal

Turn a spare carton into a working .50 mud replica with this handy guide.

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If you are in the market for non-lethal, but awful looking gun, why not consider making one out of a little more than cardboard? The process is not so difficult, but the final piece is worth the effort.

Follow this guide to find out how.

Source: DIY / YouTube toy

But first you will take some materials and equipment to get the job done.

The best choices that will help you get the job done


With all your tools and materials in hand, now is the time to continue with this epic but great design.

Step 1: Cut the pieces out of the template and start assembling the gun

The first step is to transfer the PDF plans (provided above) to your cardboard. Some parts will need multiple copies, so watch the video for details.

Start by firing the pistol and then build the main butt, the ammunition chamber and the barrel.

Make your own cardboard skeleton on a gun
Source: DIY / YouTube toy

To do this, you will need to use a mixture of glue and wooden pegs.

Step 2: Make the percussion needle and the filler

Once this is done, the next bit is the most difficult – making the impact bolt and pin. You will need a series of paper strips cut to the dimensions shown in the PDF plans.

Wrap them around a wooden skewer and glue them in place with superglue. You will need a series of them, so make sure you follow the instructions for the letter.

DIy cardboard pistol pistol
Source: DIY / YouTube toy

Without this piece, properly constructed, the gun will not work as expected. once finished, install inside the main module if necessary.

Then assemble the parts (including the makeshift spring) for the main gun magazine. For bullets, make a series of wooden pegs to fit the cartridge and shoot through the main barrel.

Make a cardboard magazine for a gun
Source: DIY / YouTube toy

Install the cartridge and check that it engages with the main ignition mechanism. Adjust as needed. After doing this, install elastic bands, etc. to make sure the gun really works.

Step 3: Add decorating features and complete the gun

With the basic firing mechanism of a cardboard pistol and ammunition already completed, we can make the pistol look more realistic.

Assemble the decorative elements you have exposed and start installing them on the main body of the gun. Where necessary, assemble parts, such as the front support legs and ventilation grilles, barrel, etc., for the pistol.

Create the main sight and install it in the upper part of the pistol. This is a dummy item, but you can add lenses if you wish.

Make your own target from a cardboard pistol
Source: DIY / YouTube toy

For things like dials, remove a surface sheet of cardboard to reveal the corrugated interior. Wrap this around a paper cylinder, glue it in place and attach it to the gun where needed.

Add more decorative elements to the gun, such as the exterior details of the magazine and the barrel casing. once you are done, mount the front support legs of the gun.

Once you’re done, your .50 cal cardboard rifle is finally ready. Now all you have to do is set up something to shoot.

Make your own cardboard pistol legs
Source: DIY / YouTube toy

Paper cups work very well, so make a pile of them and fire your gun! Happy Days.

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