This “shy” car dashboard only appears when you need it

When you drive, you want a display that gives you the information you need to drive on the road, but not so much that it overwhelms you. The problem with most displays in cars today it is that they are always there and always distracting.

Continental has come up with an innovative display solution called the ShyTech display, which only appears when needed.

“Displays are the central human-machine interface in a vehicle,” says a press release Ulrich Luders, Head of Strategy and Portfolio at Continental’s Human-Machine Interface Business Unit. “The design of the display solutions plays a central role in the design of the cockpit. Our ShyTech displays herald a new era and for us they are the epitome of the cockpit of the future: digital, immersive and “shy”.

This is far from the growing screens that are currently being built into cars. Continental argues that in today’s screens, not every message displayed is appropriate in every situation large content-free displays do not contribute to the harmonious design of the cockpit.

That’s why Continental’s ShyTech display “only appears when needed by magic.”

The press release does not provide much detail on how the screen works or its specifications. However, it says that it was created to answer two questions: How can the sensory overload of the passengers in the car be prevented despite the very large monitors? And: How can display areas that are not used in a given situation be optically enhanced?

He also adds that when screen it is not needed, it is simply not visible to the human eye, which leads us to conclude that the screen is not retracted, it simply goes into incognito mode. The invention we have to admit is pretty cool. Maybe that’s why he won the CES 2022 Innovation Award.

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