China’s new solar electric cars boast a range of up to 450 miles

Chinese carmaker EdisonFuture, a subsidiary of Renewable Energy Company SPI Energy has revealed EF1-T, his first electric pickup with a retractable solar panel roof last month.

Now the company has unveiled a solar delivery van called the EF1-V, as well as more information about its pickup at the Los Angeles Auto Show. report from InsideEVs reveals.

“Modern multifunctional van”

On its website, EdisonFuture describes the EF1-V as “a modern multi-purpose van for work, travel, family or personal use in a variety of road and environmental conditions from city streets to off-road”. The delivery van will be available in different load iterations, depending on the space required, ranging from 260 to 400 cubic feet (7.3-11.3 cubic meters) of cargo space.

The EF1-V is also available with two drive options, a standard version with one engine and a version with two engines for long distances. However, EdisonFuture has not yet revealed the specifications of the EF1-V range. The delivery van also has the same towing capacity as EdisonFuture’s EF1-T pickup, which allows it to tow between 7,500 lbs (3,402 kg) to 11,000 lbs (4,990 kg) depending on the version.

Solar panels can significantly improve the range for long periods

EdisonFuture has not yet announced the prices for EF1-V and EF1-T. However, the company revealed more information about the latter. The electric solar pickup has a solar panel roof, with the option of additional retractable panels to cover the truck’s bed.

The EF1-V will be available in two different versions. Source: EdisonFuture

The EF1-T will be available in three different iterations – standard single engine, Premium twin engine and super trimotor versions. Standard will offer 300 miles (483 km), Premium 380 miles (611 km) and Super 450 miles (724 km). However, EdisonFuture remained a bit behind the battery capacity of both the EF1-T and EF1-V.

China's new solar electric cars boast a range of up to 450 miles
The EF1-T has an option for a retractable solar panel. Source: EdisonFuture

Several companies are advertising the future of solar electric vehicles (SEVs). Dutch carmaker Lightyear, for example, says its first model, the with solar energy Lightyear One, can work for months without being turned on when conditions are ideal. Fisker electric car startup also finally unveiled the production model of his ocean SUV this week, stating that the solar roof option could add up to 2,000 miles of range per year. Even Tesla announced a solar panel roof option for Cybertruck, a few months after it was first introduced.

The extra freedom provided by solar roof options may be exactly what the automotive industry needs to encourage consumers to use electricity as countries continue to plan for the future. without internal combustion engine cars.

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