DogPhone allows your video pet to call you when they miss you

When you go to work, school, or go for a vacation and you can’t bring your pet with you, there’s a good chance they might miss you and wonder where you’ve gone. Sure, there are machines out there that allow pet owners to spin their pets, but what if it’s possible? What if your pet calls when they miss you?

That was something that researcher Dr Ilyena Hirskyj-Douglas from the University of Glasgow wanted to solve, and with the help of other researchers from the University of Aalto in Finland, they built a device called the DogPhone. A device to put in a pet’s toy.

In this case, the sample was placed in a ball given by Hirskyj-Douglas to his 10-year-old labrador, Zack. Then connect the device to a laptop that can make video calls, whenever the dog is playing with the ball, the speed inside is felt motionless and started a phone call with Hirskyj-Douglas.

That means the choice to make the call is made to the dog, not the boss. It also gives the dog the opportunity to answer or ignore the call, just like a normal human being. It’s kind of technological innovation, but it’s also interesting. According to Hirskyj-Douglas, this is largely an example of how technology can be applied to animals and how animals can actively participate in technology like all of us.

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