Hulu’s Live TV Plans have become more expensive

Hulu has a variety of subscription categories for users to choose from. One such feature is live TV which is more expensive, but now it looks like it will be more expensive which will add $ 5 a month. However, there is good news on that front.

While subscribers will pay an additional $ 5 per month for their subscription, it looks like Disney will pair Disney + and ESPN + with the subscription. This means that as you pay more, you will also have more to choose from as you flow. Prior to this, Disney sold Hulu + Live TV as an independent broadcast, but it doesn’t look like it will start again on December 21st.

For those wondering how much this version will cost, the Hulu + Live TV and ads will now cost $ 69.99, $ 5 from its original price of $ 64.99, but the Hulu + Live TV without ads it will cost $ 75.99, up from its original price of $ 70.99. Hulu reports that customers with existing Disney + and ESPN + will be welcomed to them to the new plan.

That said, the $ 5 increase is pretty big, although you’ll get more, but there are some that may not need the latest news. It remains to be seen whether this will encourage customers to directly redeem their contributions, but what do you say?

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