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It started with the Hollywood bustle. Ryan Walker a bartender, doing catering concerts and doing all sorts of other weird work to move forward. He became aware of a market opportunity around social media management and began to make his moves. Armani, then armed with a pair of black leather shoes, often parked a few blocks from where he knew his famous client. Because he didn’t like to walk: he couldn’t afford the dressing. That was then and this is now.

Today, he drives Walker TSMA. The company was known as The Social Media Advantage. Today, the company’s nickname is The Social Media Agency and it has had meteoric growth in the last decade since its inception. Being one of the pioneers in the operating economy, TSMA gained popularity among famous people. Walker’s agency quickly emerged as a world leader in social media management. The influencers liked the benefits and the rewards. And developing economies like Argentina received tens of thousands of dollars a month by bringing international followers to celebrity social media platforms. In fact, TSMA found a way to triple the profit.

Grit Everyday Walker asked how TSMA manages to take a step forward in a highly competitive market. He explains, “We encourage the creative community with gifts and we have taken advantage of this impact economy for a long time, even before it became fashionable. TSMA is the first and only company to use the creative economy ”.

Social media is constantly changing

Of course, the success of TSMA would not be possible without two critical components. One is to focus on developing inner talent. And two, hard work and hard work. Asked how social media has changed since the launch of TSMA, Walker said: “Before the pandemic, we didn’t anticipate a big e-commerce boom and boom. This big introduction led to the creation of new departments and the addition of a dozen new hires to our social media community it was given a boost. “

Along the way, they also had to make adjustments to evolve in parallel with what was changing consumer habits. “We’ve seen a big change in how people consume content and how people and companies use it, and a great passion for education in this space,” Walker said. He continued: “What I am proud of is the didactic content we have created. We have seen the impact that education can have. ”

Continuing to comply with ever-changing policies on social media platforms is a key feature of the TSMA brand. “We’re always meeting to attract the level of customer base we have.” However, an effort to maintain social media compliance resulted in an unexpected loop. “In October 2019, Instagram underwent an extensive change that was not publicly well documented. They changed the way third-party software allowed access to their backend. Automated actions changed the way our customers engage from one day to the next. “There were billions of actions missing per month, which left many social media agencies out of business. And since then there have been lower levels of engagement.”

What consumers want

Consumers want quality fresh content. The short-format video content of about 30 seconds at a time, “TikTok style,” is eagerly consuming. In fact, TikTok is a growing social media platform. Stock images no longer resonate with the audience. People want real material; videos in particular. Every day more than a billion hours of video are consumed on YouTube alone.

Walker shared his thoughts over the next few months and how social media would change over the years. “Short form video content will not go away soon.” To learn more about social media management and more about the topic needed to build a successful business, tune in to the Grit Daily Like a Boss podcast. As Season 2 ends next week, we’ll soon be launching Season 3 with a new podcast title, “The Grit Files: Startup Stories”. Listen to content starring Ryan Walker that plays anywhere.

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