The UN is creating a floating city. To withstand a Category 5 hurricane?

Global warming causes many physical risks such as droughts, forest fires and floods. According to Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Changeglobal warming is essentially irreversible, which means that these dangers will continue to arise. Fortunately, some countries have begun to plan ahead.

The capital city of Busan of the Republic of Korea, UN-Habitat and OCEANIX have joined forces to build the world’s first prototype sustainable floating city to anticipate physical risks.

“Sustainable floating cities are part of the arsenal of climate adaptation strategies we have. Instead of fighting with water, let us learn to live in harmony with it. We look forward to developing nature-based solutions through the floating city concept, and Busan is the ideal choice for implementing the prototype. ” said in a statement UN-Habitat Monkey Executive Director Mohd Sharif.

As the population grows, more and more people are being pushed to the coastal cities. However, these regions are known to be prone to floods and hurricanes.

Part of adapting to climate change is building the types of cities that can withstand these risks. The technology and science used in this first city prototype can be replicated in other cities in other regions, creating a safer and more climate-resistant world.

The city of Busan, which is also applying for the 2030 World’s Fair, is one of the most important maritime cities of the 21st century and an ideal place for the first prototype of a floating city.

IN new floating city will consist of a series of hexagonal platforms perched on top of the water and will benefit from a floating limestone coating that, when exposed to an electric current developed by underwater minerals, is repaired.

The city will be completely self-sufficient, developing its own food and water and will be immune to all kinds of threats related to climate change, including category 5 hurricanes. Overall, the city will be a remarkable example of the cities of the future.

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